All – we are all concerned about healthcare. Congress needs to get something done to stabilize healthcare and put in place the right plan. Obamacare is crumbling as we speak and the Republicans are rushing a repeal and replace strategy to meet campaign promises. Let’s be smart about this and get it right. Obamacare was doomed from the start yet the AHCA doesn’t seem to have the financial structure to support it and there is too much noise about what it does and does not do. This is complex stuff. Let’s get it right. Please sign my petition to stop Congress from taking their August recess to focus on getting the bill right. If that means we have to prop up Obamacare for awhile to do so then so be it, but we cannot allow people who depend upon government assistance for healthcare coverage to be left with nothing. Nobody left behind. Please sign my petition to force Congress to stay at work and focus on the needs of Americans.

God Bless

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