Now What?

So Lent is in the rear view mirror. Holy Week is behind us, and now Easter Sunday is almost over. Were you able to grow your relationship with God during this time? Have you been able to make any changes in your life that will bring you, closer to God? I think it is important that we as Christians not look at the celebration of Easter as the end of the holiday season, but the beginning of something so much bigger. What did you learn about yourself during Lent that will help you in your relationship with God as you go forward?

I found this Lent to be very challenging personally. My work was extremely busy and took much of my energy, but I tried two things during Lent that seem to work for me. The first was I tried to set aside specific time in my schedule for prayer. I was not successful every day, but I did learn that if I spent some time in prayer in the morning before my day, I was a little softer during the day. That may be news to some of you, but I definitely felt a difference after setting aside some time before the day started for prayer and quiet time with God. There are some days where this may extend my day even longer, but I feel a benefit and am committed to focusing on keeping that early morning time for God. 

The second change I tried to make was to pick a word for the day, write it down, and every so often during the day take it out as a reminder of some trait or weakness I needed to work on. In some cases, the word was from the days readings, or could have been the result of an event or personal interaction the day before. There were some days that taking the time to look at the paper gave me the ability to refocus on that trait or weakness. There were other days that I saw the paper for the first time when I took it ou,t of my pocket at night. I am a work in progress as we all are. I am committed to trying to make this work to help me be more aware of those days and times I am far from the ideal Christian. 

What did or did not work for you over the Lenten season? Were there any events or changes that really helped you commit to your relationship with God during this time? Please share as much as you are comfortable sharing.

God Bless 

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