We need a solution to stop these mass murders

I have been very vocal about the problem facing us today of psychotics who get their hands on high capacity automatic weapons and commit mass murder. I believe in the Constitution and agree with the 2nd Amendment, however the problem is you cannot easily identify psychotics. As a result these people get their hands on high capacity automatic weapons, and we end up with situations like in SC, CO, CT, etc. This is a very polarizing subject and one that has contrasting views/ideologies. Let’s make our elected officials do their jobs and work out a solution that makes it possible to help prevent these situations without compromising our rights under the Constitution. I have chastized the government and people on all sides of the issue only to realize i have done nothing to try and help this situation myself. I am petitioning the government to create a committee of federal and state officials to begin to work out a solution to this problem. Gun control in its current form does not work, and neither does allowing everyone unfettered access to these dangerous weapons work either. We MUST have people looking at this issue and working together to make it safer for Americans to live their lives peacefully. Please support me with this effort and sign the petition. Share this on your FB walls to get more people to support this effort. We need 100,000 signatures by August 1st. Please reach out to your elected representatives and demand they do something substantial instead of symbolic. Enough is enough. It is time to make our elected officials work for us on a very important issue affecting our society today.


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