Old and New Wineskins

No one sews a piece of unshrunken cloth on an old cloak.

If he does, its fullness pulls away,

the new from the old, and the tear gets worse.

Likewise, no one pours new wine into old wineskins.

Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins,

and both the wine and the skins are ruined.

Rather, new wine is poured into fresh wineskins.”

Mark 2:18-22

Jesus speaks to “letting go” and “accepting” something new in today’s gospel when He speaks about the “unshrunken cloth” and “new wineskins”. As we get older the reality of age forces us to let go of some things, but Jesus promises to us that He is there in the newness of life. I speak from experience when I say, “letting go” can be a challenge, but with constant prayer and trust in God, I have been able to begin to “let go” and accept that newness that Jesus promises us. Sometimes the things we hold on to become obstacles preventing us from a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. The more we “let go” the more room we have in our heart for God to fill with new things.

God Bless 

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