Please Help

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Mary Sinn. Mary lives in Plainfield, Indiana and I came to know Mary through this blog – Bring Faith to Your Day. She is one of our on. Mary is homeless and lives in her truck. She had lost her job and this has taken away the ability to take care of her basic needs – food, shelter, and security. In the last two weeks Mary’s truck broke down and needs a fuel pump taking away what little warmth the truck had provided her. The amazing thing about Mary is she still has hope and trust that God will take care of her even through these tough times. According to the repair centers in her area the cost to replace the fuel pump is between $950-$1000. We are setting up this gofundme page to help Mary get her truck fixed so she has a warm place to stay during the brutal winter weather in Indiana. It was 12F last night in Indiana. Please reach into your hearts and contribute if you can. If you’re not able to contribute please pass this on in the hopes someone else will be able to contribute. If anyone who repairs trucks in the Plainfield, Indiana area can help please email Mary directly at her email address or call her directly at (317) 833 3797. Maybe we can get the truck repaired at a lower cost than what has been estimated. Please help any way you can.

God Bless

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