Happy New Year

I would like to thank all those who are following “Bring Faith to Your Day” and wish all of you a very happy, healthy, and faith-filled New Year. God is always looking to interact with us. Sometimes we are just too busy to notice. I pray that all of you take the time to slow down a bit in 2018, and be open to God’s presence in your lives. He is always with us and providing us opportunities to spread His word and love to others. Like Mary, we all need to say “Yes” to God as he presents us with these opportunities.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your love and commitment to us as your disciples. We sometimes fail to seize the opportunities you present to us that occur in our everyday lives. I ask you to help all of us to be more aware to your presence, and to be open to where the Spirit wants to lead us. Encountering you in our everyday lives brings us joy and peace. We need more joy and peace in our lives in 2018 so we can continue to bring your love and your word to others so they may also feel the joy and peace we experience when we encounter you.

In Jesus’ name – Amen

God Bless

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