I have had an interesting time of late and I wanted to share a recent experience with the Faith4YourDay readers. There are times we just take God for granted, and we have a tendency to think only from our perspective, instead of looking at situations through God’s eyes. Taking that step back to reflect a bit on God’s loyalty certainly helps us understand what God expects of us to help God’s children. Please share your thoughts if this has happened to you. 
I have a friend who has had a terrible time of late. This person has struggled over the past few years and the situation has just continued to get worse as each day goes by. I have tried to be supportive and as helpful as I could be, however I started to feel that this person could and should be doing more to help the situation. My frustration ended up manifesting itself with some very direct comments that were hurtful to this person, yet somehow I felt justified because my perspective was this person was not doing enough and taking the ownership necessary to start to address the situation. Finally, we ended up in an argument at which I stated that I was done helping this person. Frankly, I felt I was being taken advantage of, but sometimes its hard to remember that sometimes people just have bad streaks in their lives and it doesn’t matter if it is just bad luck or the result of some bad decisions. God expects us to take care of each other.

Earlier today at Mass as we do every Sunday, we prepared for Mass by bringing our sins and the times we have not lived as God wants us to live to God for forgiveness. I mentioned that I was thankful for all the times that God was still there even though I may not have lived up to my end of the bargain when suddenly it hit me, God will never leave me no matter what. I stumble and fall, but God is always there to pick me up and be there to support me yet again. If God doesn’t give up on me, why should I give up on one of God’s children. Clearly this was a message that we need to be there for each other since God is always there for us. God loves us no matter what happens and asks us to do the same for each other. I knew immediately that his message was directed towards my relationship with this person who has had such a rough time. Needless to say I felt terrible and knew immediately I needed to apologize and be there for my friend in whatever way I could. Who am I to impart my expectations on this person? God loves me whether I meet his expectations of me so why should I set my own expectations for this person and cut off that person because my expectations weren’t being met? The answer is I should not be setting these expectations and I should support my friend in whatever way I can no matter what happens. Trusting and bringing the situation to God would have been the right thing to do instead of making my friend even more miserable by piling on.

Matthew 28:20 says:

“Behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”

Maybe we need to remember this verse more often. We have a patient and loving God who asks us to be patient and loving with each other. Take that step back when situations get tense and try to look at the situation through God’s eyes. The situation may suddenly look very different to you. It did to me.

God Bless

3 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. One night in the deepest sleep, I dreamt upon the beach I walked. God was by my side each step as quitely we talked. Then on the sky my life appeared each chapter was scene and then I knew in some parts of discontent and strife just a single pair of footprints in the worst times of my life. God you’d said you’d walk by me in good times​ and in bad then why weren’t you with me when you knew my life was sad.
    God whispered. When you suffered then I knew the single pair of footprints were those times I carried you.

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