Interact with God

How many of our followers out there have had an experience where you believe you have directly interacted with God? My mom had terminal cancer a few years ago. She was without a doubt a control freak and when you have terminal cancer, you have absolutely no control over almost anything. I say almost because she did have control over whether or not she signed a DNR order.The doctors tried many times to get her to sign the DNR and she absolutely would not. Was this her only way to exercise control on the situation or was it the fear of having to sign this? I really don’t know – probably some combination of the two. As her Healthcare Proxy I worked it out with her to tell me her wishes and I would represent them to the doctor if she was incapacitated. I was honored that she trusted me to do this, but I realized what an incredible responsibility this is when one day she became completely incoherent.This not only put m in a tough position as her last request was for CPR, but it also setup the situation where I felt God spoke to me directly through my mom.

I remember thinking that i had to make the best decision I could for her as well as for my family. i find walking to be very spiritual and went for a long walk that day to think about what I needed to do here. I remember nothing about the walk, but i do remember as I walked into my house a voice in my head saying “you know what you need to do” and that was to put her in a hospital. I was required to sign a DNR since it was a Catholic hospital. That night i went to visit with my mom and was sitting in her bedroom watching TV with her when i got this strange feeling she was there and she was with it . I asked her “do you want me to make the decision”? She responded “yes”. Honestly i had no idea if she knew what i had asked her and i didn’t care. I had a yes and i was fine with it when in the strongest voice i had heard from her in months she said “you make the decision”. The chills went down my back and I stood there speechless as I felt this was God speaking to me through my mom. The gift that he had given me was such a tremendous gift knowing I had God’s blessing for what I was about to do – put my mom in the hospital and sign the DNR. That didn’t make it easy, but it did give me the strength I needed to make the decision and to do what was best for my mom and my family. She was able to be treated properly with medication to ease the pain and a few short days later she passed.

I will always believe that the experience I had interacting with my mom about making the decision was not only with her, but with God. I cannot explain the feeling I had when she responded in the way she did – chills went down my back, my heart raced, and the voice in my head said “this is God”. What a tremendous and comforting experience that was at a time I needed it desperately.

Has anyone one else had a similar experience? Please feel free to share, because I believe we all have these interactions with God only sometimes we are more open to them than others. What do you think?

God Bless

2 thoughts on “Interact with God

  1. Although I have always believed in prayer and frequently do so, I have never had the experience of certainty of God’s presence in such a specific manner as you were given. But then, I have not had to decide life and death for someone. Thank you for the reminder that it is a conversation with God. After reading this, I am reminded I am to ask, then listen for the answer.


    1. I believe God presents himself through other people. Maybe I was open to it because of the situation, but I am sure it happens to us everyday and we miss that opportunity because we are consumed with other thoughts. Thank you for your feedback and Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. F……:)


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