God’s Unconditional Love

I mentioned in a previous post that natural and inherent longing we have for God and the analogy I used at the time was a lost child in a store panicked and looking for his/her mother. God instills in us this ability to love unconditionally and that love is never more apparent than between a parent and a child. We see it all around us. Parents sacrificing and doing whatever is needed to protect and take care of their children and that is an inherent instinct and part of that unconditional love we have for our children. I saw this video on Facebook yesterday and just watching the mother and how she reacts when she recognizes the puppies she was separated from exemplifies how we as humans look after our own children and I think that the unconditional love between the dog and her puppies are yet another example of how God created us all with the ability to love unconditionally. Dogs and cats can be an outstanding example of unconditional love. For us humans this comes naturally with our families, but maybe a little more challenging for those around us. Jesus loved unconditionally and that is what He is asking us to do. Following Jesus isn’t always easy – but certainly rewarding. Try and take some time today to reflect on the relationships in your life and how you can love unconditionally.

God Bless

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