Interesting Perspective on St. Joseph

“God never caused the virtues and singular merit of Joseph to shine with greater splendor than when He said to him by the mouth of the angel, ‘Take the Child and His mother’ (Matt. 2:13, 20); for in them He committed to him His most precious treasures, giving him thus the preference over all the blessed spirits of Heaven; and Joseph received these two sacred persons into his care, to be their protector, their guardian, and defender.”

— Edward Healy Thompson

Think about this. God entrusted to St. Joseph his most precious treasures. I know I have never thought about Joseph in this way, but Edward Healy Thompson is exactly right. We have Mary’s initial “Yes” to God and now we have Josephs “Yes” to watch over and protect these sacred people. We are all asked to serve God in the way He has designed for us. Sometimes it not in the way in which we expect, but it is an importent part of God’s plan for our lives and for others. Do you think Joseph had any idea how sacred Mary and Jesus would be for humanity when he followed God’s direction? Be open to where the Spirit will bring you. You may not understand it now, but one day you may look back and see what impact it has on your life and others. Trust God.

God Bless

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