Disappointing Decision by the Supreme Court

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-3 against the Texas Pro-Life law that was designed to ensure that abortion clinics meet the same standards as Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and that abortion doctors have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital for emergencies. The SC ruled that this law provided “few, if any health benefits for women” and that the requirement for ASC cerification and the requirement for abortion doctors having admitting privileges nearby in case of an emergency constituted an “undue burden” on a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. Now I am not a doctor, but these seem like reasonable requirements for ANY medical center providing ANY kind of surgical procedures on patients. This law is designed to ensure that the lives of women going into an abortion clinic are protected by standards inherent in the medical community. According to an article I read, this law was “responsible” for the closing of a large number of abortion clinics. If they cannot meet reasonable medical standards then they shouldn’t have been open in the first place.

Abortion advocates challenging the law argued that abortion clinics should not be held to the same standard as other ambulatory surgical centers because that would cause too many to close and create an “undue burden” on women seeking an abortion. So the bottom line here is they are comfortable  enough to  lower standards for these facilities to keep them open for women to get proper health care. If the clinic doesn’t meet reasonable standards then more lives are at risk just by the fact that they don’t meet minimum standards. This is a ludicrous argument and puts the lives of many women and their babies at further risk. This tells me this decision was less about healthcare and more about abortion rights.

What is your opinion?

Lord, we as your disciples will always value and protect the sanctity of life. It is troubling to see many in our society put what they view as their rights over and above the protection of all human life. Please soften their hearts and help those that support and perform abortions to see your love in all they encounter, and ensure that if a woman does make that difficult decision to abort, that she has the best healthcare available to protect her life.


God Bless

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