“Illegal Immigrants or God’s Children”

I am very interested in other’s perspectives on this polarizing subject. There are many people who feel that they came here illegally and should be treated as criminals and sent back to where they came from. Equally, there are many who feel that how they got here doesn’t matter – they are God’s children and we need to take care of them as we are asked to take care of each other. This can be a very volatile subject so please jump in with tour thoughts on this. As usual, the only rule i have is to be respectful to others and their opinions whether you agree with them or not. What is your view and why? Please feel free to share.

God Bless

2 thoughts on ““Illegal Immigrants or God’s Children”

  1. Having lived in other countries and understanding that the things we take for granted (freedom of speech, clean water, reliable medicine to name a few) are often far away dreams elsewhere, I feel that people try and make the best choices they can. And honestly, while I have in the past, I do not want to do certain jobs. If someone else (or someone illegal) can do it cheerfully, and do a great job, I think they should be able to have a chance to do so. I’d do anything for my children, as would many parents – if it was the difference for your kids to be safe and fed, or living in fear and in a precarious situation, what would you choose? I am grateful every single day that I happen to have been lucky enough to have been born in the US, at this time in history.


    1. Amen Mrs F. I think that is what the majority of people feel the same way. The problem is the element that want to take advantage of our generosity as a country and use that as a way in to create havoc and threaten our citizens. That being said that doesn’t mean we stop taking in those that need help. We need to weed out those that do intend to harm us.


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