Be Alert

Be Alert

I got a traffic ticket today. I depended upon my iPhone maps and ended up about 8 miles away from my intended destination in DC. I used another map service and came to an intersection where the service told me to make a left. I stopped at the stop sign, looked both ways, and made the left. Apparently I missed the sign that said “Right Turn Only” according to the police Officer who pulled me over. She got out and asked “didn’t you see the sign”? I very diplomatically responded if I had seen the sign I wouldn’t have made the left. Now my wallet will be $100 lighter and my insurance company will likely have something to say about it as well.

I missed the sign because I was stressed and preoccupied with getting to my meeting. This reminded me that we can miss God’s presence in our day mostly because we are stressed and preoccupied with other things, that at the end of the day are not as important as interacting with our God on a daily basis. I wonder if Jesus stands next to us when we miss these opportunities asking a similar question that I was asked earlier – “didn’t you see the sign”? Maybe we become so preoccupied we don’t see the homeless man begging for money for food. Maybe we don’t see or take the time to help an older woman who is struggling down the stairs. Maybe we don’t see the tears of someone who needs help and is embarrassed to ask for it. I believe my event today was a reminder to slow down, live in the present, and be alert for the opportunities we are presented with as Christians to continue God’s work in the world. It didn’t feel like it earlier, but maybe that was the best $100 I spent in a long time. What are your thoughts? Please share any similar thoughts or experiences.

God Bless

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