Spiritual Experiences

Has anyone ever had an encounter with someone and just felt in your heart that God was speaking to you directly through that person? How did that feel? Did it scare you or did it make you feel blessed or at peace? What made you feel this was God speaking to you directly through another?

My mother was terminally ill in 2007 and at one point became incoherent. She refused to sign a DNR and I was her health care proxy. We were clearly getting to the point where we could no longer care for her at home, and to put her into a Catholic hospital I had to sign a DNR. After much soul searching I decided to put her in the hospital and sign the DNR. That night I went to my mom’s house and was sitting with her and I just had this strange feeling that she was coherent so I asked if I should make the decision for her. At first she said a weak yes, but then in the strongest voice I had heard from her in weeks she stated “you make theĀ decision”. My immediate thought was this was God speaking to me directly about this decision and it gave me an immediate feeling of peace and that I was making the right decision for my mom. I looked at this as a beautiful gift from God that would help me make the decision that was needed so she could pass as peacefully as possible. What a tremendous gift that was.

Would anyone like to share any of their spiritual experiences with the Risen Lord?


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